We work on the Italian and German market with forward thinking brands to develop exciting concepts into tangible products & experience that fit to each market.

OPERA-C is a Brand Communication Agency specialized on the Italian and German market

Composed of a group of experienced communication professionals who know both cultures and their differences. We develop the right mix of strategic actions and tools, which create the dialogue between a brand and those you are selling it to.

Brand Communication Actions

We listen who and where our clients want to be and then provide guidance on how to approach each market

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Brand Lovers

Moving with us means to partner with a team that speaks your language, perhaps comes from your business, knows all about 360° communication and loves to create  brand experience

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Forward thinking tools

Brand content needs vehicles to get into the  digital world. We have by far the most exciting communication tools for product content presentation, corporate and internal communication

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- Advanced Product Communication

- Smart Internal Communication


Headquarter Germany

Hauptstraße 77-79

51373 Leverkusen

Italian UNIT

Via Marinai d‘Italia 14

16035 Zoagli

+39 348 590 77 797

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