Headquarter Germany

Hauptstraße 77-79

51373 Leverkusen

Italian UNIT

Via Marinai d‘Italia 14

16035 Zoagli

+39 348 590 77 797

Together with our partner „Addiction“ we provide digital communication platforms to deliver global content management, secure corporate identity and content control

Increase customer

experience with digital Product communication tools

Digital platform for Product and Service presentation  

We create your content

in a forward thinking tool and customize it for different users and markets  

§ Secure Corporate Identity Standards

§ Global Content Management

§ Deliver what you need and to whom

     it belongs

§ Secure Control on all topics

§ Increase Customer Experience


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and find out what CataLean™ can do for your business and how we can easily adapt it to your requirements

Our Service

Digital Tools

CataLean™ is a brand and a product of Addiction® Srl.

Opera-C is an authorized reseller of CataLean™ and services connected to it.