It‘s not just Beer and Blonds

or Pizza and Pasta ... it‘s a bit more!

Selling your products or services in Italy or Germany is not just a copy and paste of your portfolio but creating a stand-alone market specific positioning of your brand. To do so, you need to know them both - the Italians and the Germans.


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Brands have to adapt their message when they enter a foreign market. Only the consistent use of brand attributes and its communication create brand experience. Our creative solutions provide you with strategic brand content for your customers in Italy and Germany, on digital and traditional channels.


The digital world changes the way how organizations design and distribute corporate content. Managing the corporate identity internally and externally means to face an enormous variety of new, innovative channels. At the same time it forces organizations to rethink the management process of their corporate message. We help companies to successfully deal with the new challenges by offering ideas, creative solutions and tools.


Communication channels of today offer a direct relationship and dialogue between a company

and its target group. As the use of modern channels is different on the Italian and German market the relationship and dialogue have to be built upon a different mix of measures. Managing the right mix of communication measures for product launches or integrated product communications is key when a brand expands or enters a market.


The use of communication channels has dramatically changed in recent years. Digital channels became part of consumers daily communication, replacing traditional channels more and more. Today's customers have the power to influence a companies' brand awareness and reputation by a click - both in Germany and Italy. We develop communication activities and tools that allow companies to communicate with their customers in order to drive and protect their brand message.


Every country has its own approach and that‘s the same with Media Relations in Italy and Germany. Knowing the different mentalities, style and techniques is key when it comes to the developement of news value information that interest the target group. Just a good story will get its audience and we know the media market and its audience in both countries.


With the multiplication of channels and increasing speed of information flow, it becomes a challenge

to create and update content. We provide digital platforms for product and corporate content and  

sales presentations. We make content consistent on

any device out there, like the web, pc, smartphone, tablet or digital touch points for events & exhibitions.

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